Steve Budd Enterprises © 2013

This is me in grade school.  

I learned to to be kind, honest, make friends where you can, smile, and for sure have fun. Probably most important then, and now, is that I wanted to make my family proud of me.

I started Steve Budd Enterprises to continue to do what I love and bring my special way of looking at business and life to retailers, importers, and factories who value the things that are really important in life.
I thrive on the journey of finding interesting products and materials from all over the world.

I pass time imagining ways to add prints, patterns and textures to everyday objects.   Learning about production techniques, the stories behind the products and meeting the people who bring things to life is a pleasure.  Sharing these ideas and objects is what moves my career and life forward.  

I am passionate about this industry and the prospects of growing my business but I can't do it alone.  If we've crossed paths already I hope that I made doing your job a little bit easier and more fun.  I hope I've earned your trust and respect.  I hope you enjoyed taking my call, anticipated seeing what I would bring to show you and delivered on what I promised.  

If we haven't yet met, I promise to do my best for you and your business.

I have traveled far but I am still the same guy in this picture, I just have some grey hair and a few wrinkles now.